Chronic Tacos – Best Breakfast (Monster) Burrito

Check this out! As a follow up to my first video about Chronic Tacos’ breakfast burrito, I decided to go back to Chronic Tacos and see what was going on.

I gotta tell you, the food there is amazing. Great flavor, and fresh. The ingredients are classic but have their own flavor. I also think their Baja sauce goes well pretty much with everything I’ve tried there.

This time I went back for another breakfast burrito. But I asked Juan, if he would mind if I recorded the whole thing, he was like yeah! Let’s do it. And so I got most of it on video. I got to test out my new phone’s video camera as well.

Here are the results.  It’s crazy, and when we weighed the burrito, I couldn’t believe how heavy it turned out to be.

Chronic Tacos official website

My Yelp Review

Yelp Reviews of Chronic Tacos in Irvine

Google Places Review


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